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Element Tree Healing

Element Tree Healing Element Tree Healing Element Tree Healing

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Hands on Healing

Would you consider that all life experiences (past, present, and future) are crystalized in the physical body, waiting to be unlocked? 

Would you be interested in a self guided exploration of those manifestations through physical manipulation of the body? 

The Element Tree is designed to empower individuals seeking more clarity, sovereignty, and spiritual connection in their lives, through touch.

 The philosophy is that bodywork creates body consciousness, and in turn creates greater alignment with individual goals and preferred living conditions. 


Mind Body Spirit Alignment

The intention of Element Tree Healing is to teach individuals about the connection between mind, body, and spirit. A holistic approach is taken in order to replace dis-eased energy patterns with ones that open up the energy field and promote true wellness. 

It is proven through quantum physics that all tensions, ailments, aches and pains manifest on the physical body while remaining connected to conciousness.  During a session,  we will address the symptoms you are experiencing (spiritually, emotionally and physically) and restore integrity to your souls blueprint.