Element Tree Healing House

Element Tree Healing House

Element Tree Healing HouseElement Tree Healing HouseElement Tree Healing House

A safe space to unwind, gain clarity and empower your healing path. 

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The Philosophy


 The foundation of this work begins with understanding life energy and how our bodies exist as an energetic channel connected a greater whole. It is based on the foundation that all dis-ease is connected to the mind body and spirit. 

Together, we discover the root cause of limitations in your life and process it energetically through the mind body and sprit. In each session we will offer more clarity, empowering you to reclaim your wholeness. 

Mind Body Spirit Connection


Nothing occurs separate from everything else. We are whole and compete holistic beings. Trust that there are no mistakes; we are spirit having a human experience. Each moment in life offers an opportunity to connect deeply to that journey. 

I recognize that all tensions, ailments, aches and pains manifest on the physical body while remaining connected to the spirit as well. Together we will address the symptoms you are experiencing (spiritually, emotionally and physically) and restore integrity to your souls blueprint.