Amanda Smith is a Healing Arts Practitioner well studied in various energy medicines and clinical healing modalities. She was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, and began her ascention process when transplanted to the small town of Cave Creek, Arizona in 2004. 

The beginning stages of her activation manifested through a series of traumatic events; all of which she healed holistically while studying at The Life Energy Institute in Topanga Canyon, California and  at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. 

After spending 5 years studying and integration vibrational medicines, she began teaching workshops and hosting various sound healings across the valley. She attributes her direct ability to manifest just about anything, and her deep connection to spirit to her commitment to the Polarity Path. 

She currently offers hands on healing in both Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona. The modalities applied during her sessions include Polarity & Craniosacral Therapy, Quantum Touch, Nutritional Coaching, Reiki, Vibrational Attunements and her own understanding and mastery of Elemental Alchemy. 

Her life is dedicated to the dharmic path and she recognizes the mundane as a moving meditation. She is committed to teaching and empowering others how to claim their sovereignty, release their stories and find ease and grace in their process.